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National Association of Interchurch and Interfaith Families.

The National Association of InterChurch and Interfaith Families is  dedicated to serving the needs of both InterChurch and Interfaith families. We know that there are some obvious differences between InterChurch couples (people from different Christian traditions) and Interfaith couples (people from different faith traditions).

However, experience over many years has shown us that there is much we all have in common.

Our aim is to help couples/families in both groups. In addition, enabling us all to grow in understanding and live in harmony with each other in an evermore complex society. Through accepting and understanding our differences we will discover our similarities.

The purpose of the Association is to support, educate, but above all befriend couples and families who are in “mixed” relationships. It is a fact that approximately half of all Roman Catholics, for example, marry someone who is not a Roman Catholic. This means that, if not within our immediate family among our close friends, we will all know couples in this situation. Through the many articles, links and our newsletter “Together”, you will find, we hope, that we are here to serve you.

We also hope to be able to show you where to find the help for which you are searching. It may be a simple question, which you are a little shy of voicing, or something a bit more complex. Perhaps it is “Should we continue in our relationship?”; “How do we have a meaningful ceremony - one that reflects both our traditions?”; “How do we bring up children in both traditions?”. You alone know the question that is inside of you. We have many leaflets we can mail, or if you want to remain anonymous until you get to know us, just email us your question.

We hope you find the love, support and help you seek here. We look forward to continuing this Holy Journey together.

Rev. Michael & Barb Slater

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